This post is about what are visual commerce platforms and how you can use them to improve your marketing strategies.

Sometime before, people tend to search their queries and find their answers in text-based forms of information like blogs, websites, etc. But with the spreading of social media trends, people like to see visual data for their needs.

You can see different types of visuals all over the internet. Different platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, etc. are becoming more popular than usual websites.

Visual commerce is a concept by which Ecommerce companies present and display their offerings to sell online. It is an art of presenting information in a visual way through visual commerce platforms.

visual commerce platform

It includes attractive photos, videos, clips, etc. and basically all the information that you see instead of reading it. Viewers like the content they can see in the form of images, infographics or interactive videos.

Importance Of Using Visual Commerce Platforms-

Now marketers are using visual commerce platforms to sell their products or services. As visual commerce content is very liked by viewers and helps in engaging them in the product’s information more.

Showing more and more about your product or brand is very important in marketing. You can show UGC around your brand that will be very helpful for viewers in making a vise purchasing decision.

There are plenty of good visual commerce platforms you can use for your business. One of the best is Taggshop.

Taggshop is a very advanced yet easy to use visual commerce platform for social media content aggregation. You can combine UGC of your brand into attractive visual commerce content.

You can literally use the reviews from your users to improve your marketing standards. You can have so many customization options in it.

Following are some of the best benefits of Taggshop you can have-

  • Much more content keeps posted on different social media platforms, Taggshop constantly updates your feed in real-time. This keeps content on your social feed and visual commerce content fresh and provides very recent information.
  • All of us don’t like any default fixed settings for a feed. So this visual commerce platform lets you personalize your feed according to your taste and requirements. It has many customization options to make your social presence more engaging and attractive.
visual commerce platform
  • As you can use all the content relevant to your requirement, you can moderate the content you want or don’t want at your convenience. You can also use custom posts if you want to add some additional information.
  • Taggshop helps you in making your brand discoverable to the viewers. People can see what you’re offering to them straight on your social wall or website feed.
  • It lets you add shoppable options to the feed so that viewers can shop for your brand straight from there. This leads to eliminating time spent on webpages in long payment procedures.


As we’ve discussed above, Taggshop is an impressive and magnificent visual commerce platform that you should include in your marketing mechanism. It lets you make social media feeds like a live Twitter feed, Instagram feed, etc.

The features we’ve discussed above are very less of what it offers to you. You can get many perks like audience insights through analytics, enhance engagement, readily available tech support, and further add-ons like custom posts, on-screen announcements, hashtag highlighter, banners, stickers and many more.

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