In this article, we’re going to talk about how you can embed social media feed on website and the benefits of doing so.

Social media started becoming a very important factor in marketing these days. If you don’t interact with your audience, then they’ll never help you in growth. And there, social media platforms come in use.

You can interact and get to know about your audiences’ views about you through social media. But we’re not here to talk about just social media, we’re here to know how you can get benefitted through social media in your business.

The best use of social media in marketing is to embed social media feed for website and presenting it to viewers.

Key Benefits Of Embedding Social Media Feed-

The following are some of the best benefits of embedding social media feed.

1. Growing No. Of Followers-

Increasing the number of followers on social media is what every marketer wants at this time. With the more no. of followers, the better promotional activities can be done for a brand.

To get a boost in your followers’ count, you can embed social media feed on website or wherever you want. It will help you in leading your audience to your social presence.

And if people see their favorite brand on social media, they consider following at least one time.

2. Helps In Improving SEO-

As you embed social media feed on website, people tend to spend some more additional time on that webpage to see that feed about your social presence.

This will increase the engagement time of visitors to the website, which makes a better image of your webpage in front of search engines (Google mainly).

Embed Social Media Feed

It automatically increases your rankings in the search engine results page. And that is how it helps you in the SEO efforts of your website.

3. Feeling Of Safety Among Visitors-

The people who visit your website feel a sense of security and safety with social feed. If you embed social media feed for website, people observe the company’s presence on social platforms.

They see what people on social media think about the product you’re providing. It promotes your product through third party people who review your offerings on social media.

So social feed could be very helpful in gaining your audience’s trust.

4. No Need To Make Any Content-

If you embed social media feed on website, you don’t need to make and prepare any type of content to show. Social media feed can show User-generated content from different social platforms.

All can be done by just presenting some content from social media you want. You can show posts by you or by people related to your brand through hashtags, handles, mentions, etc.

How You Can Embed Social Media Feed-

There are plenty of tools in the market to make interactive social media feed. If you’ll ask me, I’ll recommend Taggbox social media integration tool.

Embed Social Media Feed

It combines content and embed social media feed for website in a very impressive way. You can have very good customization options to work with. You can sort your content from many popular social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more through hashtags, handles, etc.

In the end, we can say that social media impacts the growth of an organization positively these days. If you engage your audience through these platforms, you’ll surely get high-quality results.


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