As you may know, a Twitter wall is a Social Media wall showcasing all the content from Twitter related to some event or campaign in a live twitter feed. It can be present on a digital screen so that all the people there can see the effect of the event.

A Twitter wall helps in aggregating views and opinions of people about the event or campaign. But it is very different than a social wall. It combines content from Twitter only. On the other hand, Social Wall aggregates content from different social media platforms. They could be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, etc. and showcases it in a single mixed social media feed.

live Twitter feed

Now many tactics are becoming trends in the present time of marketing. One of them is User Generated Content (UGC). Now people know how to interact with the whole world online. They’re providing their views on the social media world about certain topics.

Marketers are using this ability of users. UGC can be used to give an idea of their brand. It can be done through the consumers’ perspective by a live feed of Twitter. Which gives a very fair idea of the product to the viewers as well.

Why Using Live Twitter Feed Display Is A Beneficial Concept?

Displaying a Twitter wall could turn out to be a very good idea. It can be used to attract and let viewers know about what you are providing to them. The following are some of the benefits you can have by opting for a wall of Twitter.

  1. It displays updated and live content straight from Twitter, So it provides the very frequent and updated condition of a brand. It eliminates the previous image of a brand. It highlights very new things launched by the company to favor viewers’ interest.
  2. An interactive Twitter wall is a very versatile technique in different types of events. They could be showrooms, brand launches, campaign gatherings, live concerts, etc. So it is compatible with distinct events and still very impactful in marketing strategies.
  3. You can easily personalize and display live Twitter feed according to your preference. There are different Twitter aggregators in the market which lets you customize your Twitter feed according to your preference.
live twitter wall

There are numerous other benefits too like-
Other social media content integration,
moderation of content,
control through mobile, etc.

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Where Could You Display Your Live Twitter Feed?

You can display an interactive Twitter wall for events in different places like:

  • Company Events And Meetings-
    A live Twitter feed display can be used in certain meetings and conferences of a company. It can provide some information or impact of something on Twitter. It helps in giving honest and precise information about the brand on Twitter through people’s perspectives.
  • Big Shows And Concerts-
    If you want to make fans feel some special, then you can use a live Twitter feed display for event, shows, and concerts. They can see their tweets about the event on a big display, and that will encourage them to share their experience on Twitter about their big time.
live Twitter feed
  • Government Campaigns And Programs-
    Government Agencies can also display live Twitter feed display for events. They can promote social campaigns to spread awareness in public about certain topics. It will be very helpful in making that campaign a trend on Twitter, and thus in people.

Other places could be-

  • Educational Purposes.
  • Hotels and Cafe.
  • Stores and Supermarkets.
  • Brand Launches.
  • Parties and Family Events like Weddings, Birthday Parties, etc.

Displaying Live Twitter Feed for event on a Twitter wall is the new trend in the marketing industry. You need to be get updated to make some benefits to your business. By using User-Generated Content, you can present what you want in a very unique and promotional way.


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