Twitter Wall is a social wall that displays live Twitter feed through mentions, hashtags, and handles. If you want your business to imbibe through a good marketing strategy, adding Twitter feed is the path you should start walking on.

Twitter is a well-known social media platform with millions of active users. Placing your business over such a huge platform will provide your business with a shout out you will be overwhelmed with.

Using user-generated content is the best method of getting your business promoted by those who you are promoting. Interactive Twitter Wall helps in making your user-generated content campaign go viral and outperform your expectations.

Twitter as known for its authentic content and is less prone to circulating fake content, It is the most preferred social media wall besides Instagram Wall or Facebook Wall. It is very helpful in practicing Twitter wall software.

A Twitter wall display can be used to show your fresh Twitter wall feed live to your attendees if you are organizing a big social event. It can also be embedded on your website so that any user who visits your site can recognize your social media presence too.

Moreover, It can also be used for several marketing purposes and act as a display tool to keep your customers engaged, informed, and interested. Here is some of the usefulness of using Twitter feed as a user-generated content display tool.

1. Twitter Wall as a social buzzer-

How can a wall for Twitter be a social buzzer? The answer lies in carrying out user-generated content (UGC) campaigns. When you carry out such campaigns, you set a special hashtag related to your campaign and allow your users to use it anyhow to form Twitter feed.

Twitter Wall as a social buzzer

Such Twitter feed is then made to display over big screens in social events organized by the company which is known as the Twitter wall. This act creates a social buzz as your hashtag usage goes viral. A social media hashtag aggregator might be very handy in doing so.

2. Adds to user engagement-

Now that you have decided to organize an event, it’s time to think about how to keep your attendees engaged in the event. The answer is by installing a Twitter Wall for events. Find a suitable space for placing your wall such that it is easily made visible to the attendees.

Influx your wall with the live Twitter wall feed or the user-generated content display. This will make the attendees look forward to seeing them getting their feed displayed over a wall of Twitter and will keep them engaged.

3. Twitter Wall enhances brand trust, brand value, and brand loyalty-

It results in creating brand trust by calling out to millions of users and placing their brand in the market. Creating social presence enables users to trust the business. Twitter also helps in generating a brand value by connecting with so many users at the same time.

Brand loyalty is created by displaying user feed over an interactive Twitter Wall. This enables users to realize their value for the brand and instills them with a sense of recognition too. Also, displaying the usual Twitter feed will enable users to know more about the company’s beliefs and principles that can attract the attendees towards it.

4. Twitter Wall displays live Twitter feed-

Displaying live Twitter feed makes it easy to connect with the users on a real-time basis. Through a hashtag campaign, one can display the brand content as well as user-generated content at the same time.

Twitter wall Taggbox

5. Makes any event successful-

You can use Twitter Wall for events that can make any dull event turn into a wildfire. It helps in spreading the word so quickly and instantly. It makes the users interested, make them updated and informed, increases the followers and increases conversion rates too.

Whether placed in an event over digital signages or big screens or embedded on websites, Wall for Twitter feed has far-reaching benefits for business.

6. Twitter Wall is useful to promote any news-

The best way to seek the attention of users to specific news is made by displaying it over the wall for Twitter. Be it promoting a hashtag campaign, want your attendees to know your sponsors, about the upcoming discounts and offers or be it a launch of new product or service, It will do it all for you.

It acts as a social media hashtag aggregator which can be done by a twitter wall software.

Twitter Wall Promotion

All this can be done with the help of using a social media aggregator tool which is basically Twitter wall software. That is to say, with the help of these tools, you can add Twitter Wall for events, websites or over digital advertisements easily and conveniently. The Twitter wall feed is useful and captivating to lure the attendees when displayed on the Twitter wall display.


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