Weddings are a very personal and important part of a person’s life. Everybody wants this day to be special and memorable. This is the reason they put in so much effort into planning one day, trying to do something distinctive and unforgettable.

Nowadays, the trending tool for special occasions like this is a wedding hashtag wall. These walls are gaining so much popularity among weddings.

What Is A Hashtag Wall?

The wall that is created by pulling in the content through hashtags is known as a Hashtag Wall. This wall can be built with the help of social media aggregator tools like Taggbox. These aggregators fetch content through hashtags or account handles and display them on a wall.

Wedding hashtag wall

This wall can then be embedded on your website or promoted on digital screens in events. It can also be used as wedding hashtag walls which can be presented on big displays at the wedding.

Why Is It Gaining So Much Popularity?

Everyone wants their marriage ceremony to be an enjoyable and fun affair for the attendees. They want to do something that keeps them engaged and happy at the same time. Now, wedding hashtag walls have come to the rescue.

Instagram hashtag slideshow and hashtags walls work perfectly to engage your attendees along with giving them a more creative approach to your wedding. They can post things like event preparations, games and many more.

Wedding hashtag wall

You can get easy access to those pictures as they are using hashtags, it also gets easy to discover. This way it will be simpler for you to collect your wedding images from social media. One major benefit is you get a bunch of pictures instantly, without waiting for your event photographer to send them to you.

How To Use Wedding Hashtag Walls?

To use a hashtag wall on your special day, you will need to plan it some time prior to it for better results.

The first step will be to decide a hashtag for your wedding. Once you have done that, the major step is to promote it. Promotion of the hashtag is essential so that people get aware of it and use it with their posts. You can inform the attendees about the wedding hashtag wall.

Wedding hashtag wall

When people will start posting about your wedding using your hashtag comes the next step, displaying those pictures at the event. They can post wedding preparation pictures & videos, pre-wedding photoshoots, family pictures, blessing or anything else related to the special occasion.

You can also opt for a real-time wedding hashtag wall. This will enable the wall to pull in content in real-time. The pictures people will be posting on that day can also be displayed on the wall. This will encourage attendees to post more pictures and videos from your wedding.

Take Away

You can make your wedding more exciting and engaging with wedding hashtag walls. The best part is you don’t have to worry about pictures because your attendees are capturing the most beautiful moments of your life.

You can make your wedding a memorable experience for both yourself and the attendees with Hashtag Walls. So don’t have second thoughts about this, do give it a shot for the most incredible memories and moments of your life, you will not be disappointed.


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