Online marketing is a very progressive technique at this time. You need to be very updated about the successful trends and strategies to implement in your business. One of the trends scoring in the current state of the market is marketing through Instagram. Instagram Widgets are very useful in this approach of Instagram marketing for your business.

instagram widget

If you have a website for any kind of business you do, you can put an Instagram widget feed on your webpage. This trend is very popular currently among different brands. Because of this heavy amount of users on Instagram, you can gain much more audience retention towards your brand.

Instagram doesn’t give any feature of a widget on website. But you can do this with the use of some 3rd party tools. You can choose among different widget tools to make your marketing efforts easier.

If you also want to know about live Twitter feed, you can check that out from here.

Tools To Embed Instagram Widget On Website-

There are numerous amount of tools that can help you in placing a widget for Instagram for WordPress or any other format on your website. We’ve made a list of useful tools to place widgets for Instagram in a chronological order from best to rest.

1. Taggbox-

The best tool to make a nice widget is Taggbox. It lets you make your Instagram website widget feed in a very attractive manner. You can have many customization options to make it according to you.

instagram widget

There are copious you will get in Taggbox such as UGC rights management, moderation of content, multiple platform compatibility, etc.

So, if you want to make a very good and engaging widget for website, you should opt for Taggbox.


WPZOOM is also a very effective and useful tool to use. It comes in use when you want to create a very fancy Instagram website widget and show that to your webpage. You can do several personalizations like setting up no. of images per row, title, image size, etc.

But WPZOOM is still cannot be compared with the capabilities of Taggbox. Plus, many of its users encountered some errors regarding some personalization options.

3. LightWidget-

Another good tool for making the Instagram widget for website is LightWidget. LightWidget provides you with a lot of fine features like captions, hashtag filters, square cropping and hover effects.

With LightWidget, you can even adjust the look of the Instagram website widget on different platforms of mobile, desktop or tabs. It can be used at most of the website platforms like WordPress, Drupal, etc. or any HTML based websites.

4. Rudrastyh-

Rudrastyh is also a very impressive website widget tool for Instagram that can help you in your website-Instagram integration. You can check the look of your widget directly on the Rudeastyh website. You need to just put any handle (public) or hashtag in the field given.

It lets you add your Instagram widget for blog, WordPress, PHP based sites, etc.

5. ProPhoto-

The last tool we can check out is ProPhoto. ProPhoto is a very entry-level Instagram website widget tool that can do the work for you. It is the most basic widget tool on the list. You can do some customizations but not much.

If you need to just add a basic widget to your website, then you can go for the ProPhoto Instagram widget tool.

To summarize, we can say that you can boost your sales and improve your conversion rate with the use of Widget Software. We have provided you with a lot of options to go for. So it’s on you and your needs for which you can choose.

I recommend you to go for Taggbox as it fulfills all the subjects of work you need to complete.


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